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Blurox and Gip is a physics-based action game. You play Gip, a small alien, who has to accompany his bigger friend Blurox home after a alcohol-filled night out in the bar. Don’t let Blurox run into other things in the streets, which would cause havoc and an unlimited high insurance bill!

Check out some screenshots:

Besides the funky controls – you try to manouver a big drunk alien – we implemented a generic level-system. This way the level design will be created upon load and never look the same! Together with our overdosed collision- and score detection, we hope we made a game that everybody can enjoy!

Blurox and Gip was created for the Epic Mega Jam following the theme On the Shoulder of Giants back in october 2015 with additional sound design by Lukas Deuschel. It was made with Unreal Engine 4 and it took us about a week to finish it. Feel free to read the forum thread epic game jam (Blurox and Gip is #140) and discover all sorts of different game submissions!